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A new dimension in reality

What is Teslasuit?

TESLASUIT is a human-to-digital interface designed in the form of a full-body AR/VR suit with advanced integrated systems include haptics, motion capture, and biometry to provide realistic immersion and accelerate mastery.

Advanced Features

Haptic Feedback

TESLASUIT’s full body haptic feedback system is built into the suit and can be engaged on actions, on demand, or in response to motion capture comparison. This feedback provides users with sensation and a sense of touch in virtual and augmented reality. This electro-stimulation improves the learning experience by increasing immersion, fostering 360-degree awareness, and engaging muscle memory.


TESLASUIT’s integrated biometric system gathers real-time data from users while training – which can be used to relay emotional state, stress level, and key health indicators. This enables interactive VR/AR training content that adapts to the trainee for personalized experiences, and measurement of key baselines to understand improvement or degradation over time.

Motion Capture

Integrated skeletal and 3D kinematic motion capture tracks human body interaction within the virtual training environment. This capture is essential to the delivery of correctly placed haptic experiences, and allows for professionals to lay down baselines users can compare against. Using motion capture in training improves motor skills by enabling haptic guidance and error augmentation based upon baselines from professionals or a user’s own past tracked actions.

Software Tools

TESLASUIT doesn’t just make a high-tech wearable system, they offer a full stack solution for scaleable training utilizing the suit, optional VR, software, developer tools, and leveraging the training partners and unique onboarding processes.

Core Team


Content Creation

We design unique contents for TESLASUIT
to simulate various training environments
and create impact across organizations.

Product Distribution

We partner with TESLASUIT to reach out enterprises and academic institutions all around the world.

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