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Owl Smart Earbuds

Have you ever wondered how to cancel noise? Or, better yet, how to control the sounds you hear? Your answer is probably yes regardless of where you live. Today, noise pollution is a bigger issue than ever because of ​industrialization, urban planning, and transportation​. In addition to the countless problems noise pollution causes, it makes it harder to focus on what we actually need to hear. So, although blocking the noise altogether might seem like a good option to solve this problem, it’s not enough. You need to control what you hear.

Sometimes, when you have a problem, all you need to do is to look at nature for a solution. In this case, that solution lies in our friends with twisting heads: owls. Owls are the best when it comes to controlling sounds. They block certain frequencies so that they can tune in to certain others. In the light of such information, we took inspiration from owls and designed a set of smart earbuds that function almost the same with the owls’ ears: Owl Smart Earbuds. Owl Smart Earbuds takes the hearing experience to another level as it allows you to choose what to hear and what to avoid. Owl can identify sounds and enables you to enhance them or just cancel them. In this sense, Owl Smart Earbuds are different from most of the other smart earphones that promise noise canceling, even from the best true wireless earbuds. Because it lets you personalize surround sound by controlling the frequencies which you want to hear and their volume. All you need to do is to overhear the source of the sound and customize your smart earbuds, the rest is Owl’s job.

Owl uses AI to identify and sort out the sounds by their frequencies. It can be controlled by simple gestures such as tapping and sliding your finger on its touchpad and moving your head. It has built-in Bluetooth and microphones, and its battery lasts 5 hours. Thanks to its unique design and easy use, Owl is the best earbud design you can come across.


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